Internet Advertising, Affiliate or Create Own Product

In general, to obtain money through the Internet there are 3 ways:

1. Internet Advertising or Marketing Ads (also known as Monetization Ads)

2. Business Links or

3. Creating Own Products

For the businessmen, to the category of advertising business is yes meksudnya get money from the advertising business, for example, you create a blog and then sell it to a location profile ad, you earn income from people who place ads on your blog. Or it could be like, adsense. You sell your ad space to Adsense.
In the affiliate business, it actually includes the simplest way, you buy the product and at the same time be affiliate or person who joined the market. But not everyone likes this, because as selling other people's products. Why not make the product themselves? It depends on which house you like it.
There are also people who seem arrogant but actually yes logical-logical. Because there is a ga also want to promote other people's products, because kualitasnnya untested. Can imagine, we have come to market, ga him quality products. Us to come too embarrassed.
So you also need to be careful, should every person who offers cooperation, should do check first. Make sure you review the product first. Should never merekemondasikan / promote products away without doing a proper review first. Though it was his own friends.
The good, do you have to be realistic, consider your style and personality, if you are a flexible person, so start with how affiliate is something natural, while studying you can get the money? But do not forget to continue to do the effort to add knowledge, adding to the skill, until one day you can make your own products. But the point is you are playing or trying or doing business in the existing field like. That's it. Clear Ads Marketing and Affiliate Marketing is a great way to get money from the Internet when you are just beginning to dive in Internet Marketing.
According to Mr. Welly, If you experience less than 6 months, you should still play on Ads Marketing and Affiliate Marketing first, because to jump on the Product Creation does require skill and more experience. Why Welly with PD dare say that making and have their own product is the best way and the right to get the maximum profit? Because by having their own products:

1. You get money every transaction, can you imagine if you could you mengkreasi number of members of many. For each transaction, whether the transaction that produces affilite you, or your partner that produces, or anyone else deh a result, you as the owner of the product can still earn money.

2. You get the affiliate for your product promotions

Affiliate program through your product, you get a lot of affiliates who are ready to promote your product. Surely by giving attractive commissions so they chose to promote your products versus your competitors.

3. You get a customer list that went into the list of customers who have bought anda.Orang your product is your customer. Slowly while you are selling a product, you also collect your customer list as well. Thus you have a "list" your own prosfek.

List of customer names or lists that you build it, will go so you prosfek, where one day you can offer your products or other services, which they love to know too well.

The key to becoming rich from Internet Marketing or any of the fields is that you must have a list of customers that want to buy various products and services from you again again and again continuously.

Do you think Mr. Welly again, selling to new customers is more difficult and more expensive in your appeal to the customer to sell the old (of course with your record has a good relationship with your old customers)?

4. Branding. You need to do branding for you and your business. Do branding of yourself and your business is very important. If you and your business has managed to create a positive image in the minds of your customers or prospects, then selling them will become easier.

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